How Unprofessional!! A Community Theater Actor Didn’t Like The Review A Community Theater Legend Gave Them And The Actor Got Upset!!

A local community theater actor joined a social media group looking for feedback on his latest performance in “Cabret” and was shocked to learn that anther member of the community did not think they were the best to ever play the role.

Unfortunately the reviewer is a legend in community theater and therefore the utmost expert on all performances and what constitutes professionalism within theater because he’s taken three months of classes from someone who studied under someone who studied in a New York City acting studio.

The legend draws upon his vast knowledge of the things people do in professional Broadway productions fortunately managed to set the record straight and let everyone know that he was in the same role four years ago and that it’s a tough role so he knows how difficult of a part it is to master.

The reviewer mentioned that the sets were not as good as the one he performed on and said that the lighting wasn’t as good as the staging he was in. The reviewer stated that he remained as objective as possible because he’s just wants to improve theater community he is a fixture in so that his delusions of thinking he could star on Broadway can be maintained without ever really trying.