Man Confused About His Role In Family Disagreement

An area man has been attempting to understand what side he’s supposed to take during a inter-family feud taking place between his youngest aunt and his oldest uncle. The man is unsure about the origin of the disagreement in the first place knowing that it likely has to do with missed a Barbeque several months in the past and then an intentionally missed 4-year-old’s dance recital in retaliation. The man is unsure if he should take sides as the nature of both individuals is to exclude others while they have disagreements. The man says that while his uncle’s Memorial day cookout is the best in the land his aunt’s Christmas cookies are next to Godliness. The man says that he’ll try to stay out of the conflict for as long as possible but if necessary will play both sides of the field by using the months between Memorial day and Christmas to transition from one side’s favor to the other’s a strategy the man’s eldest cousin has long employed.

Photo By:  Yocelyn Contreras P.