7 INSANE Toppings You Never Thought To Put On A Hamburger (#4 Will blow your mind!)

by: Dylan Mikeals (Foodie / Contributor)

1.       Lettuce!!

It’s crazy how crisp lettuce can be. If you want an extra “snap” in your burger this is the way to go!

2.       Bacon
Oh bacon. You have so many uses. You can even save the worst of the worst burgers.

3.       Ketchup
Did you know that the ketchup you put on your fries can also be a great topping for an all beef patty? Try it once and you may never go back.

4.       Cheese
Whaaaaaaat? Dairy and beef together? O-NO-HE-DIDN’T!!! You have to try this combination if you like savory beef and melty cheese. Surprisingly this topping is commonly available at burger shacks and almost any kind of cheese is good on a burger. You may never order a hamburger without cheese again.

5.       Tomato
Okay Okay so really tomatoes are pretty much just a more solid form of ketchup, but you’d be surprised how amazing it can make a burger taste.

6.       Onion
The snap and zest of a onion can only be used sparingly- but on a burger? Yes please!

7.       Mustard
Who would have thought? Seriously who would have ever thought that the tangy / spicy taste of mustard could bring out the flavor of a all beef patty? Try it once and you may end up annoying the shit out of the burger guy at McDonald’s by saying more mustard please!!

      -Runners up

Pickles. Really they’re too green and sour. Some people might mistake them for mold.

Special Sauce. What’s so special about 1,000 island dressing? My grandpa used to eat that crap. Guess what- It tastes amazing on a burger!!

Well there you go fellow foodies! Go grill up some burgers!!