6 Things I Would Do To Save My Presidency If I Were Barack Obama (Conservative Viewpoints)

Conservative Viewpoints: 

by Reagan Myers

1.       Fire The House
What kind of a leader just lets the workers accomplish nothing for months at a time and lets them publicly talk shit about him all day? It would really send a message to future house members. It’s Obama’s house. GTFO. He’s the boss. He should start acting like it.

2.       Use The Death Panels
Why did Obama go to the trouble of creating death panels in the first place if he’s not going to use them? Think about it- Who gets terminally ill the most? Old people.  Who dislikes extreme liberals like Obama the most? Old conservative people.  Why doesn’t he just use the death panels to kill more of them? Duh. Then his approval rating would have to go up. Unemployment would go down too because there would be fewer people who need jobs.

3.       Quit Fucking Up the Country
Obama should just quit fucking up the country. It would be easy. Just stop doing the things I don’t like and do more things I like. Why doesn’t he do that? 47% of the country didn’t even vote for him. Why doesn’t he take that into account when fucking the country up for that 47%?

4.       Blow Up Another Country
Nothing says leadership like making strong power plays. Find the biggest, baddest threat to America and bomb the shit out of them. Why waste the time and energy of diplomacy and being a world citizen when we could just drop some bombs? That’s how we became world powers to begin with. We went over and saved Europe’s ass in WWI and WW2. If it ain’t broke, why fix it?He could unleash a flurry of nukes in the middle of the night, go to bed and wake up a hero.  After we show off our might, what other pussy ass country would dare to fuck with us? Everyone knows “don’t fuck with America” or you’ll get the long dick of justice up your ass. Just ask those scared terrorists living in caves.

5.       Play the Race Card
Obama doesn’t seem to use this for some reason. Why doesn’t he just admit he’s black and use it as an excuse?  “You don’t like me because I’m black.” Say this once and I think people would forgive him.  It shows he’s self aware. We’re lucky he even gets out of bed in the morning but one “Sorry you don’t like the ACA cause it helps out black people on welfare” could change everything.

6.       Listen to Rush (Not the leftist Cunook band)
All he has to do is just listen to Rush Limbaugh every weekday like I do and he’d know exactly what he’s doing wrong and how to change it. Only the smartest independent thinkers listen to Rush because has all the answers. Why not listen to the man with the golden mic and a golden brian to match? Clearly Obama and those other dumbocrats doesn’t have one.
Reagan Myers is a TRN Contributor named after Ronald Reagan. He resides in Reagan, Tenn.