Drunk Criminal Fails To Cover Up Crime With Mint Gum


LOUISVILLE, Ky- 28 year old James Curtis was arrested this weekend after committing a crime outside a local establishment called “Ernie’s Bar and Grill” around 1:30 AM.  Witnesses indicated that Curtis was notably intoxicated, passing out in the bathroom. Timothy Daniels, a regular at the bar stated: “Jamie downed three wise men [shot] and went into that nasty bathroom and just disappeared for like 45 minutes. When I went in to use the pisser he was in the stall hugging the toilet with his head leaned on the rim. It was kind of funny so I took a picture.”  Curtis was then removed from the bathroom, his clothing soaked in urine after laying on the floor of the bathroom stall. Curtis, who was obviously impaired, told other bar patrons he was going to go outside to smoke a cigarette. Instead he stumbled to his Dodge Durango which was parked on the street. Knowing he was intoxicated, Curtis began to chew Orbit Mint Mojito gum in case he was pulled over while committing the crime. Curtis made it approximately a quarter of a mile from the bar when police pulled him over.  After failing a field sobriety test, Curtis was taken into custody and driven to the station where a blood test confirmed he should be charged with driving while intoxicated. Curtis will stand trial later this month.