Jeff Dunham To Retire Audience Favorite


Jeff Dunham, known for his ventriloquism comedy act, is retiring an old crowd favorite in the near future. Dunham, a very successful comedian is loved by his rabid audience who always show up to his sold out shows all around the country.

When interviewed while waiting in line, 35 year old Pamela Walker who was dressed in a purple homemade fan t-shirt exclaimed “I love Peanut the most because he has a purple face and is so funny!” Peanut is a purple and white puppet who often “taunts” the comedian with quips making Dunham the target of his jokes.

Pamela went on to add “I hope we get to see a lot of Peanut tonight because he’s so funny!!”

Fortunately for Pamela, Dunham performed with Peanut for much of the last half of the act. Dunham also brought out more of his classic characters like Walter, a grumpy old man who often makes jokes at the expense of his 46 year long marriage. Dunham also performed with Bubba J, a beer drinking country boy and NASCAR fan who ironically invokes the most laughter from people similarly attired.

Dunham also performed with the controversial Achmed, the dead terrorist, a puppet that looks like the skeletal remains of a cartoon suicide bomber. Achmed has been a source of criticism for Dunham along with his other ethic puppets such as Jose, a Mexican Jalapeno pepper on a stick, the African American inspired “pimp” Sweet Daddy Dee, and Achmed Junior, anther dead terrorist who boasts a sexy British accent. Critics of Dunham suggest that he exploits low intelligence ethic stereotypes for humor and some of his jokes aimed at himself can be considered homophobic.

So which of these classics will Dunham put out to pasture? Well it’s none of the above. In fact when interviewed, Dunham had this to say: “For years I have loved performing and making all of these fans happy and flux with laughter but now it’s time to let them know there are going to be some changes to the act.”

Dunham, who has a full tour schedule which has been sold out for months, felt that he needed to fully disclose something to fans in hope they won’t be disappointed when they see the change.

“I’ve decided that it’s time to remove something offensive from my act. I believe what I am removing insults my audience’s intelligence and no longer wish to use it. Don’t worry the puppets aren’t going anywhere.”

So if not a puppet, what is Dunham eliminating?

“Pandering. I’m sick of pandering to the lowest common denominator and I’m ready to make the change, starting with tomorrow’s sold out show.”

While audiences across the country will be sad to see Dunham’s pandering go, he is sure that they will love the new act. While this may be a tough decision for Dunham and his fans, many critics believe it’s a good step.

Update- Tragically Jeff Dunham has been killed during his sold-out comedy show last night in Ohio. Dunham, who recently changed his act, was met with displeased audience members, some of whom drove great distances to see him. Audience Members first heckled him and then began to riot. During the riot Dunham was hung with a microphone cable from the rafters of the venue and then violently sodomized with a microphone and microphone stand. Dunham’s puppets, however, remained completely unscathed and have now signed on to do a new variety show on CMT. They will be joined by Larry the Cable Guy who promises to never stop pandering. Arrangements for Dunham’s service will not be disclosed to the public.