Man Surprised Mobile Gyno Clinic Is Not More Popular


(Photo: Piotrus Via Wikimedia CC License)

PITTSBURGH Local resident and entrepreneur Merlin Brew has always been a fan of innovation and mobile businesses.“I always thought food trucks and other businesses ran from trucks were a great idea. You take the business to the people so you can always be moving your location to wherever the hot spots are. You’re not tied down the way a brick and mortar business is,” Brew stated. Recently Brew started his own mobile gynecological clinic on a truck where he offers low cost exams and basic medical procedures for women. Combining his love of vagina and other parts of the female anatomy with his can do spirit and business acumen Brew was certain that his discount prices and convenience would bring women into his business in droves but so far the business has hit nothing but speed bumps. Brew explains “It turns out women are very discerning over who provides care for their genitalia and despite my extensive knowledge and video research of women’s anatomy they seem to prefer people with actual offices and medical licenses to my low cost alternative.” While Brew’s business is currently struggling to get out of first gear he has implemented some approaches to increase clients of his clinic including offering new customers a new pair of shoes and using the loudspeaker on the truck to shout at potential customers. “If I see a lady walking down the sidewalk I can’t be shy, I need the business.  If I’m stopped at a light I have no problem asking a woman crossing the street if she needs me to give her a breast exam or look at her vagina. They seem to like the business idea because they always at least smile,” Brew stated. Despite all the smiles it’s been a bumpy road for Brew thus far. In his 3 months of operating he has yet to have one customer but he believes that his brand new two-for-one special will have the customers coming by the truckload. Brew confidently says “I don’t mind working with two girls at once, I can still give each lady the attention she needs.” Brew and his clinic can be seen anywhere downtown where women gather, just hop in his truck.