Terror Washes Over Man As He Realizes He’s On Track For Winter Graduation

Local college senior Chad Davidson has had a good run. A 4 and a half year senior, his last year was supposed to be a virtual cakewalk. What he didn’t know is that he was cake-walking into a trap. After meeting with his adviser he was informed that he will have enough credit hours to graduate in December, meaning that his options are to drop out of several classes extending his tenure by 2 years and $25,000 more in debt or to graduate and begin earning around $15,000 a year until he can find employment in his industry which could take up to 5 years. Davidson immediately froze up with the student realization that his college career could be coming to a close in less than two months, forever changing his life. Davidson reportedly began looking into graduate school by googling “easiest graduate degrees to earn most money.”