I Bike For The Lord But Ride For The Pussy


The steel and tread beneath my crouch excites everyone I fly past on my soft-tail 1978 softail Harley Davidson and the coochies start to drip. They can tell a real man dressed in leather who’s wearing a thick layer of testimony for the lord Jesus Christ. Biking for Christ is tough. Sometimes I have to beat people up for their tithing to my ministry. 10% is only the minimum suggestion. Then I have to confess my sins of beating people up. The women- I don’t make them pay with money. I have them give me 10% of their pussy. That’s all I need to get off because I have a tiny dick. I think it’s better than the normal tithing because it feels good. I have to be real- I’ve never beat up a woman for not giving my pussy but I’ve thought about it. But how can a woman resist this bike anyway? This softtail Harely rolls by the panties drop. They hop on. The bike and my D. Then I fill them with the lord. Christ Help me.