Here’s Some Plot Lines We Would Have Liked To See On Home Improvement


  1. Tim shows off a Binford 4000 time travel machine and goes back in time. He doesn’t have kids with Jill and Jill marries Al instead.
  2. Tim the Toolman Taylor tries a new moniker but it’s deemed “too sexy”.
  3. Wilson sells his house to a serial killer who also never shows his face.
  4. Randy knocks up 4 girls at a party and Tim uses the Binford AM to abort the babies.
  5. Lisa made a porn tape and Binford tries to cover it up
  6. Jill uses a Binford drill to attach a dildo for better sex and leaves Tim
  7. Tim and Jill buy a time share with Al and they argue about the décor
  8. Tim has to build a sex dungeon because Mr. Binford gets into BDSM but uses unsafe materials. Al has to convince Tim to make it safer
  9. Al has to drive a race car built by Tim. It keeps breaking down.
  10. Brad Taylor becomes a school shooter and Tim is upset because he only wounded one person.