Man Wondering How Much Information From Facebook Stalking To Use With New Love Interest

Local man Jonathan Emil has employed facebook in his tactics to woo local woman Jenny Coog. Emil says he hasn’t friended Coog on facebook just yet because he doesn’t want to sound desperate but he has spent a couple hours facebook stalking her so that he can lead conversation to places where he knows she can talk about. For example he knows that Coog has a brother and sister so if he asks her if she has siblings the conversation won’t hit an awkward break. On the flip side, Coog says that she’s upped the game by creating a fake profile and friending Emil so that she can extract the info she needs to steer the conversation towards his interests and relations. Emil and Coog have also google searched each others names but have yet to go further than two search pages, which is far enough to know if someone is a sex offender, famous white supremacist or murderer. The date will occur at 7:30 PM at Martin’s Fishouse, which Coog will find constraining due to a shellfish allergy that Emil would know about if he had friended her.