Man Becomes Graphic Designer So He Can Photo-shop Celebrities On Naked Bodies


Rodney Johnson has always had a passion for naked celebrities. “It’s true, I always did my best to look for naked celebrities on the internet and in real life- I just always had a hard time finding them,” Johnson says. Johnson says one of his happiest days on earth was when a massive amount of celebrity nude photos was dumped on the internet, better known as “the fappening”. “It was kind of a dream come true for someone like me, but it also created this unquenchable thirst for naked celebrities,” Johnson explains. Pretty soon Johnson realized that he could take the faces of celebrities and then photo-shot them on the bodies of naked models. The only problem was that his earlier works were not believable. So Johnson decided to enroll in graphic design classes so that he could better merge faces of celebrities and naked bodies. “Some people aren’t willing to follow their passions like I am, and I think you can see my passion and joy in these photos I create,” Johnson says. Anyone who sees his work will feel something special inside them but don’t look for his name on any of the photos. Johnson concluded“I do it all for the love, and not the credit.”