Sean Spicer Says “Days Without Major Scandal” Board Influenced His Resignation


In the west wing hanging just next to the White House press room is a sign that states the days since a major scandal. Since Spicer started his job working as the White House press secretary for Donald Trump that number never went higher than “one”. Each day before Spicer went to address the nation’s journalists covering the white house he would pass that sign and sigh deeply. He would then walk out to begin lying and spinning for a boss who treated him poorly. Spicer longed for just one day where he could discuss policy that didn’t sound insane, one day he could just recite facts without refute from fact-checkers. The board weighed heavily on Spicer.

Finally one day Spicer realized that the sign was never going to change. No matter how much he lied. No matter how much he bullshited- it was never going to be enough to keep the Trump white house above scandal and be able to wipe out the “1” and write a “2” with the dry erase marker hanging by a string next to the board. After this realization Spicer knew he had to call it quits. That number may still never go higher than a “1” but as far as Spicer is concerned at least he not the one hoping it does.