College Student Buys Term Paper Written By Professor Who Assigned The Paper

Local college student Bradley Noel has been trying to cruise through his junior year in the classroom as his numerous social obligations have made little time for things in his life such as academics. Noel, who anchors a bar trivia team, MCs a karaoke night and holds office in the music club was struggling in his history of math class. Separately math and history are two of Noel’s weaker subjects. Noel needed a B on his term paper for the class taught by adjunct Professor Jackson to solidify a C. Noel had heard about paper writing services before but this was the first time he ever attempted to buy one. Unfortunately for Noel, he bought a paper written by Jackson. Jackson said he was forced to find avenues of income other than adjunct teaching at the college as the school cut his courses back the last semester. Paper writing seemed like something that Jackson could do easily. When Jackson received Noel’s paper he immediately recognized the paper. Jackson laughed as he knew when he wrote the paper it was fatally flawed and rushed and he was able to immediately fail Noel on the merit of the paper alone, even without enacting the school’s honor code. Noel was refunded for his purchase in full however the refund was a drop in the bucket compared to needing to re-take the class to improve the grade.