Kim Jong-Un Shocked To Learn Rest Of N. Korea Doesn’t Share His Lifestyle

Democratic Republic of North Korea supreme leader Kim Jong-Un is furious today after discovering that the lavish lifestyle he maintains is a much higher standard than the one most citizens in his country. Un wasn’t surprised that his presidency contained some perks however when exposed to the modest dwellings of the woman who cleans his toilet Un was shocked to learn the poor woman had no toilet of her own and was even more shocked when she had to go to a water pump to get a glass of water as indoor plumbing was something her home lacked. “Un thought that he was on a prank tv show for several minutes and was really hoping Howie Mandel read his letter and was pranking him on “Deal With It” but after several minutes of looking for hidden camera Un, realized that there was no joke or big reveal coming and his maid truly lived in complete and udder squalor,” a DNK spokesperson stated.

Un then laughed uncontrollably and was rolling on the floor laughing at the woman’s modest and terrible accommodations. Un laugher for several minutes commenting that it was “pretty damn funny,” before going to play basketball with his homies in an autographed Michael Jordan jersey not giving one crap about the condition his maid lived in. Un stated that he was unmoved by seeing how the woman lived and that she probably deserved for having an abortion or something.