Retirement Home Staffer Is Secret Computer Genius

Local Shady Village Retirement home dietary aid Randy Cleaver is holding a secret talent from the world. The 22 year old has worked at the retirement home for two years now after dropping out of college where he was a candidate for a communication degree. Murmurs of his technical wizardry began to circulate through the Shady Village retirement facility after he managed to make Mrs. Soloman’s computer work super faster after pushing three buttons to reboot the computer. The rest of the residents of the facility realized that Cleaver was gifted with natural computer abilities far beyond the normal humans. Soon after residents were asking Cleaver to fix their computers as well. Cleaver who mostly just rebooted the computers and ran simple anti-spyware apps was hailed as the next Bill Gates. Residents of the home began to speculate when Cleaver would go out and do computer things to make his fortune like Steve Jobs.