Are You Shy Or Just A Big Loser That No One Likes Or Wants To Talk To?

It can be difficult to find your place in the world sometimes. We at totally real news want to help you find it!!

Here’s how you can tell if you’re a big loser:

  1. People constantly ask you to go places. No one would invite you anywhere if you were cool. They would ask you where you want to go.
  2. When you’re at the movies your date pays for your ticket. They feel bad for you because they think you’re a loser.
  3. If you only eat salads.
  4. You smell a fart. Farts are nature’s way of calling you a loser.
  5. Candy tastes good: if you think candy tastes amazing you’re a gigantic loser.
  6. Your clothing is clean but no one says anything about it. Huge sign. People would notice if you had clean clothing, at least you would think that.
  7. A judge releases you without bail. If you were worth keeping around a judge would make someone have to pay to get you out of jail because they want to hang out with you.
  8. Someone plays your favorite song on the jukebox. Bad sign. The jukebox is meant to introduce people to new music, not play the old hits.