Donald Trump Revealed As Moderator For r/thedonald

Controversial reddit sub r/thedonald has been a central hub for propaganda and misinformation about President Trump ever since his presidential campaign took off. The sub has been known to be very quick to censor critics of Trump and deleting and banning anyone who could even remotely be construed as criticizing or questioning Trump, his advisers or policies. Many have come to know the sub as an anti-truth zone with very restricted speech and very thin skinned moderators, but a bombshell went off early this week when it was revealed that the top moderator of the subreddit is in fact the top dog of the Trump admistration, Donald Trump himself. Trump has been using the forum to promote his own agenda on unsuspecting suckers for the past two years and suppress information that might make him look bad. Trump says that even though he’s been busted he plans on continuing his moderation because it’s really the only thing within his control since becoming president.