A Nice Guy Can’t Get A Date So He Stalks Girls To Find Out Why


Local self described nice guy Herman Westfield is constantly turned down for dates, so much in fact that he has started to wonder why the random women he asks out without talking to them first turn him down for dates. Now Westfield is trying to solve the mystery by investigating. “When a woman turns me down for a date now I follow her home and watch her for a few hours,” Westfield says. Sometimes while following the women Westfield has to attend to other plan like work or court dates so instead he finds their phone numbers and calls them, asking them “why won’t you date me?” Westfield is relentless in his pursuits because he knows that hard work pays off. “If you’ve ever seen movies you know the guy has to try really hard to score a babalicious woman and when he does they are in true love. I just have to try harder,” Westfield said before following a TRN reporter home.