This Cop Can Tell If Someone Is Guilty By Looking At Them

Local sheriff’s deputy Pete Smith says that he’s a pretty good crime fighter. With all of his years on the job he’s gotten really good at one thing- racial profiling. “I can look at someone and just by something as simple as the color of their skin I know if they’re a criminal or not,” Smith says. How does he know? Well he makes sure he’s right. Smith says that sometimes the lawyers and judges and juries don’t see the evidence he does so he helps them find the truth by planting evidence such as drugs or illegal weapons on the people he stops and detains. “It’s remarkably efficient and very ethical if you think about it the way I do,” Smith says. Smith says that his boss, the sheriff, is appreciative of the job he does cleaning up their city. The sheriff even gives him evidence from other less guilty people to plant on the suspects that Smith stops. Smith says that while he’s not sure if the crime rate in his area has dropped he sure can tell a difference in his community. “I’m not afraid to go places now. It might be related, I don’t know.”