Man Feels Pretty Good About Himself After Calling To Complain About Punk Teenager Who Sold Him Ice Cream While Earning Minimum Wage

A local man has never felt more powerful or like a true man after calling a local Baskin Robin’s customer service line to complain about an incident that he claims was truly inexcusable and enraging. The man who came in during peak hours had yet to select an ice cream flavor and was overwhelmed by not only the 32 flavors of ice cream but choice of waffle cone, regular cone, chocolate waffle cone or even just a bowl. After the line backed up while the man sampled 5 different flavors with no decision the teenage employee making minimum wage made a customer service fopaux and took the next customer before the man made his selection asking the man to let him know when he was ready to order. The man had never been slighted or embarrassed in his entire life stating “I couldn’t believe that little punk would pull an amateur stunt like that in a place of business based on customer service. Damn right I called the manager and complained.”The man says that in his day no one would ever just toss his business to the side and that if that’s how Baskin Robbins is that he’ll just take his business elsewhere. The man said that he would not be satisfied by any apology that did not end in the employee’s termination because seeing the teen in the ice cream shop would cause him narcissistic trauma from remembering there are other people in the world. The teen who is now looking for a new job says that he’s pissed because the customer was too much of a pussy to confront the him directly or even have a chance to defend himself with the customer present.