We Prayed To God Asking Her To Tell Us Her Favorite TV Shows And This Is What She Told Us

Big Bang Theory – God said she loves these little smarty pants dweebs in their pseudo geek culture show otherwise it would have been canceled years ago.

Breaking Bad / Better Call Saul – God loved BB’s Saul so much she divinely inspired Vince Gilligan to put together this spin off. We’re sure glad he did!

American Idol – God loves being surprised by how talented her favorite non-jews are. Americans provide him suprises every week as they belted out songs and made albums that didn’t sell. God says that she’s more into “The Voice” these days thus the end to Idol.

Jay Leno – It was God and not NBC that caused the Tonight Show fiasco with Conan. God said that she needed a new story for the next Bible and subjecting Conan to losing the Tonight Show would be inspirational to future televangelists looking for their next show.

CNN – God says that she doesn’t trust FOX news because they’re blaspheming liars. CSPAN is too dry in her opinion.