This Town’s Selfless Mayor Just Gave Himself A Big Raise But He Says He’ll Only Spend Money Locally To Support Economy

Local Townsville Mayor Bobby Jackson has often been criticized as a money hungry worthless human being but no one can question how great a guy he is after his last move of giving himself a huge raise while promising to spend the additional money to boost local economy.

Jackson says that before the raise he couldn’t afford to eat out for every meal of the day but now he’ll be able to support local restaurants for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. He said for the five star restaurants in the area not to worry because he still plans on eating there at least 3 nights a weeks.

Mayor Jackson says that he can now also afford to spend more money at local bars and to buy more goods from mom and pop stores in his town, like the convenience store he owns next door to his house, where he will do the bulk of his grocery shopping. Mayor Jackson says that with the raise he will be able to afford a new custom made suit from the local tailor every week, silencing any critics that thought he might order the suit from the tailor in the next town over. Mayor Jackson says that he’s looking forward to the next three years of his term and hopes that he can pass a pension plan that allows him to retire by the next election with the same level of income he currently receives.