Hotel In Shambles Due To Rageaholics Anonymous Conference Mix-Up

The Rageaholics Anonymous leadership council was all set to meet for their spring planning session this weekend in Colorado but upon entering the Redwood Inn and Convention Center the group found themselves with a problem. Due to personnel changes the convention hall mistakenly double booked the room leaving 50 Rageaholics stuck with nowhere to meet. Upon receiving the news that the room had already been booked to host the 9 Lives Cat Auditions and Amateur Air Guitar expo the Rageaholics immediately asked for an explanation and a meaning for the mix up and would not be satisfied with the answer that mistakes happen.

Not able to calm down the Rageaholics  began to blame each other for not planning better and began to fight, which turned into a riot due to waking up sleeping Rageaholics  in the hotel sleeping in. The entire incident caused someone to set a dumpster on fire which burned the hotel and every car in the parking lot in nothing but ashes.