Namaste! Competitive Yoga League Needs Sponsors For Inaugural Season

The American Pro Yoga Circuit is ready to claim it’s share of huge profits after securing a ESPN 2 contract good for it’s first 3 seasons. The AYC has already booked huge Yoga competitions in major market cities and has invested heavily in acquiring the pro rights to the world’s top Yoga talent to the tune of millions of dollars. Scott Branch, President of the AYC, says now the organization is ready for some huge new partner sponsors. “We’ve got a lot in place already and now it’s time to really capitalize off this exciting new pro Yoga league. We’re really hoping a major player in the soda-pop game like Coke or Pepsi is ready to come out and sponsor us in a huge way,” Branch says, adding that if they could get a beer brand like Miller-Coors or AB they would really be happy. “Right now we’re in talks to have Power-Aid be the official sport drink of AYC and once we get a figure everyone is happy with we’re ready to embrace that drink until someone offers more money,” Branch stated. The new American Pro Yoga Circuit promises to be the most exciting yoga action ever offered.