So What If I Got Backstage Passes To A Tom Petty Concert? No Big Fucking Deal To Me Dude!

Opinion By: Rockin’ Rob

I’m used to hanging out with rock stars and talking about cool shit. So yea I just won the Rock 101 Tom Petty lyric challenge. You knew I would because I’m a fucking rocker through and through. That’s why I win these backstage passes all the time. I can tell you who Eddie VanHalen played guitar for, I know all the names of the backing band of Ozzy Osborn, not just the famous ones. I know the entire history of Motely Crue and yea I fucking hung out with Papa Roach a couple times. One time Dimebag Darrell threw his guitar pick right to me. So am I stoked to hang out with Tom Petty? Not as much as you would be. Not as much as you would be. But I’m trying to stay humble. I’m pretty comfortable drinking about a gallon of beer at the show because- that’s living dude. That’s being a rocker. So guess what Tom? I might be back stage at your show but it’s an honor for you to meet me.