Trump Preparing For Office By Playing Countless Hours Of SimCity

President Elect Donald Trump has been spending a lot of time practicing being an elected official by playing the classic Maxis simulator, SimCity, on his PC MasterRace gaming rig. According to those in Trump’s camp many of his critics would be silenced if they could see how good of a virtual mayor he is in the video game. “In just a very short time he’s already won some of the toughest achievements in the game including Mega-Region! And Best Mayor Ever!,” one Trump adviser stated.

According to the adviser Trump doesn’t cheat by turning disasters off. While Trump has been reportedly doing a great job with his virtual city, Trumptopia, he was just passed on the leader-board by anther new anonymous players one with a city named Jeberson! And anther named ZodiacTedTown which has greatly angered the president elect. According to sources, Trump does not intend to do anything in office until he has beaten SimCity, which is relieving news for many of his critics.