WV Republicans Blame Unions, Obama, DOE, EPA and DOL For Not Letting Children Work In The Mines During School Hours

WV Republicans have once again embarrassed themselves on a national level after fuming publicly about the government regulations set in place to keep children from working in coal mines despite the fact that even mining jobs for adults have been on the decline since the availability of cheaper forms of energy. WV State Tim Armstead says that if it weren’t for big government getting in the way children could be put to work in the mines for slave wages in unsafe conditions, which would make coal able to compete with more ethical energy sources. WV Republicans say they have no problem embarrassing themselves if it helps them get their way, even if constituents and common sense disagree with them. “The crackpot so called conservative WV democrats got us in this mess, now it’s time for true conservative republicans to step in and show them how it’s done. Hopefully voters continue to vote against their own interest again this fall”Armstead concluded.