Walmart Building A Drive Through Walmart So Lazy People Don’t Even Have To Get Out Of Cars To Shop

Forever lazy rejoice and move to Arkansas, the home of Walmart, so that you can shop at Walmart without even getting out of your car! That’s right– for those who would love to go to a brick and mortar Walmart but are too large to walk under their own power and too embarrassed to use mobility scooters there is a new Walmart where you can shop for everything just driving through in your own car. You can browse the isles at this Walmart just like a normal store but this Walmart is called an “Ultra Center”. The Ultra Center is larger than a normal Walmart to accommodate cars but offers the same selection and isle system that makes it just like the Walmart experience everyone loves. Just drive in, shop by attaching a specially designed car-cart to your driver’s window and browse the isles for everything you need and then check out at the registers. The Ultra-Walmart also has a drive through McDonald’s so if you get hungry while you shop you can stock up on fries, Coke and double cheeseburgers for shopping fuel! Other amenities offered: indoor shooting range, oil and tire service while you sit in your car, oversize “super toilet” stalls with wipe assist, on site AED for heart attacks due to being overwhelmed with excitement. Hurry on over to Ultra-Walmart you fat lazy slobs and get a free 104 oz. Cup of Sam’s Choice extra lard gravy! You’ll love it!