Accused Rapist Sure Can Throw A Football!

A local accused rapist has been found to be very skilled at throwing a football during football games. The rapist took a plea deal for a lesser misdemeanor crime after being charged with rape due to video evidence earlier this month. Amazingly the deal was offered by a DA who attended the very school the rapist throws footballs for and that DA will now be enjoying a luxury seat upgrade to see the rapist continue throwing footballs during games on Saturdays at his local university where he receives a full ride scholarship and signs autographs for extra cash on the side.

The rapist is set to have a record breaking year as there is a new ace wide receiver and a stud running back in the backfield. The rapist hopes to be able to throw the ball well enough that he can lead his team to the national championship, win the Heisman trophy and be drafted in the first round of the NFL next year. The rapist says that he only talks about football related issues during press conferences but he is planning on quietly settling the charges.