Heroic CEO Praised For Working Same Grueling Hours As Workers For Only 373 Times More Money!

CEO of MegaCorp Industries Jill Fritz has recently reveled her daily morning routine to the world via a Forbes article that praises her for a work load, much like Atlas. In the article Fritz mentions she gets up at 5 AM to eat a wonderful breakfast prepared by her personal chef. She then runs 4 miles so that she can clear her mind from the troubles of running a soulless company like MegaCorp. “During my run I run through a working class neighborhood and see all the foreclosure signs and I try not to think about how many of my decisions over the years have ruined the American dream for a lot of people by outsourcing the future of the country to increase the value of my own stock options. It’s like I’m running from the demons of destroying the life of common people,” Fritz states confidently. Fritz is unaware that she runs past a bus-stop some of her employees use to get to work because the bus leaves 5 minutes before she runs past it.

Fritz says that after she returns from her run she then skims over her e-mails, most of which she notes are just pissing matches between two competing assholes trying to show each other who has the biggest dick. Most of the emails she’ll rehash in meetings until someone else ultimately forces her to pick one of the courses of action both of which will typically result in horrible unintended consequences for the people that work for MegaCorp.

Fritz says she has little time for fun these days. Her 6 weeks of vacation really limits how long she can stay at any of the private beaches her salary can buy her. She says it’s hard to really get away from her work life because MegaCorp is so big that she’ll be on vacation and see one of their products. She might have an idea and want to act upon it instantly. “And just like that, no matter how exotic and expensive the resort is I’m right back into work mode,” Fritz says.

One such example was that MegaCorp would offer a free stay to top workers at the very resort she was staying at. “It wouldn’t be paid time off or airfare but this resort costs thousands of dollars a week so the workers would really appreciate the gesture” she stated not realizing that the cost of the travel alone would be a quarter of her typical worker’s annual salary who also must typically work an additional job to make ends meet.