George Clooney Auditioned To Be The Next Bond Girl But Sexist Hollywood Said “No”

George Clooney recently revealed in an interview that he managed to sneak into an interview for a part in the next James Bond movie. “I auditioned for the part of Bloya AllNight, a Russian princess in a scene where she was talking to a crazed Mob Boss who was trying to buy an nuclear missile.”

The casting director reportedly said that Clooney was not up for the Bond Girl role but the Mob Boss and that the audition was awkward because the Mob Boss part was written exactly for Clooney. “Clooney refused to read the Mob Boss part even after we explained that we didn’t want him to read the Bond Girl part. The casting director said “Clooney said those were the lines that are highlighted. I’m a famous fucking actor—don’t you think I can read highlighted lines?”

Clooney then realized that the script he was reading actually belonged to the audition reader and that his highlighted lines were in his jacket pocket. Clooney promptly apologized and then went on to ace the audition but ultimately had to turn the role down due to scheduling conflicts.