Apathetic Couple Weighs Pros And Cons Of Giving A Shit

Local couple Stanley Ball and Christine Ellis have been dating for the past 7 months and
recently considered shacking up but neither party was all that thrilled with
the concept.

The indifference led each to start thinking about what they want out of the relationship and if what they’re doing could really be considered dating. Ball said “I think we’re really too casual to be considered a “couple” couple really. We’re more of more than friends who do more together but I’m not
sure we’re really all that committed.”

Ellis was surprised to find out that Ball had gotten to the point to even consider considering if they were a couple or the start of one or something. “I thought maybe we’d be roommates that do it
once in awhile or something but I never really thought about it being a thing,” Ellis said. As the two are unsure of what they are or if they even care about dating or a relationship or fuckbuddies or even just being friends that got it on a few times or if they’re really even friends they have a lot of decisions
to make before the month long tent camping trip to Peru they’re taking next month.


Photo By Miguel Pires da Rosa Via Wikimedia CC